Tru-Bal Throwing Knife Repair

Currently Stephen McEvoy charges $45.00 to refurbish a Tru-Bal throwing knife. This would include handle slab replacement and a re-buff/polish as necessary to brighten the knife.

Deeply pitted or badly damaged blades he will repair to the best possible outcome without destroying blade integrity, etc. This charge also includes the cost of return shipping.

If the repair is desired, the knife should be shipped to him without the sheath. The blade should be securely wrapped in paper and bound. The knife should also be shipped so it does not “rattle around”, etc. in the shipping box or container.

You should include a check or money order for $45.00 per knife along with the knife shipment. You should also insure the knife for full value as a safeguard.

Tru-Balance Knife Company
P.O. Box 140555
Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49514-0555

Replacement Sheaths

Stephen McEvoy will sell replacement sheaths to you, either size, at a retail price of $10.00 each.

The large one is black and fits most models. The smaller one is brown and fits the Model No. 4.

However, the shipping cost is more than the sheath, and is not included in that price, unless it is part of a larger order of throwing knives.

You would need to contact him at the address above and negotiate that separately.