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Model No. 79 Tru-Balâ„¢ SPORT-PRO Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

There is perhaps no better knife for professional throwing than the Model No. 79 Heavyweight Tru-Bal SPORT-PRO.

It is hand-fashioned from super-tough tempered spring steel for even the most aggressive throwers. And it is balanced such that it can be thrown equally well from both the handle and the blade.

What’s more, this knife is amazingly accurate, combining cool control with maximum penetration in an incredible feat of balance. In a mere second or two, you can bury this knife into its target.

While the Tru-Bal SPORT-PRO has been used by hundreds of professional knife throwers, it is also an excellent knife for beginners.

The heft of the knife feels good in the hand; it issues a solid “thunk” as it drives deep into the target. And since the SPORT-PRO can be hurled by the handle or blade, it is more versatile than other knives.

Finally, because only the highest quality steel is used, this knife will stand up to a lifetime of rugged use.

The SPORT-PRO heavyweight thrower is 13 1/2″ overall, 2 1/2″ wide and 5/32″ thick. It weighs 15 ounces and is the ideal length, weight, and balance for professional performance.

Sheaths are not available with this model. U.S. Patent Des. 234,214