Temporarily Out Of Stock

I’m sorry that I don’t have that Tru-Bal™ Throwing Knife in stock at the moment. I hope that you will be patient with me when you encounter the occasional but inevitable delay associated with the crafting of these very excellent throwing knives. Stephen D. McEvoy can only hand craft so many at a time and he only provides me with a limited quantity at once. I always try to be as responsive as possible, but demand often exceeds supply. The product is worth the wait, however, and I am sure you will also agree.

I do not like to take orders for knives ahead of time because I am never sure of my supply. When I get them it is a first-come-first-served situation. If you would like to be contacted by email as soon as I have knives in stock then please fill in your name and email address in the form below. You will receive an email whenever I update this site and when I get new knives I will let you know.