How do I order?

I do not make Tru-Bal Throwing Knives. This is not the official Tru-Balance Knife Company web site.

Occasionally I will still offer some models from my personal collection for sale here.

If you want a current brand new Tru-Bal throwing knife then you can order one from Tru-Balance Knife Company East.


Bobby Branton, long time knife thrower and President of The American Knife Throwers Alliance and owner of Branton Knife Company, Tru Balance EAST and Stephen McEvoy, owner of the Tru Bal Knife Company are proud to announce that Bobby Branton and Tru Balance Knives EAST will now be the exclusive dealer for Tru Balance throwing knives!!

Tru-Bal East will be a source for books written by Harry K. McEvoy and Bobby Branton. Tru Balance Knives EAST will offer The original Tru Balance line of knives that were designed by McEvoy as well as knives designed by McEvoy for Tru Balance EAST that will be made in the shop of Bobby Branton.

Tru-Bal East will mainly be dedicated to preserving the history of the Tru Balance brand that has been around for over 60 years.

This means that Tru Balance throwing knives will only be available for sale from Bobby Branton and Tru-Bal EAST.

Tru Balance EAST throwing knives will be your one stop shop for Tru Balance throwing knives. Branton will be offering a few models of his Tru Balance EAST throwing knives to the Tru Balance line and he and McEvoy will be discontinuing a few models from each company to streamline and merge the two companies into one line of throwing knives.

Even though Stephen McEvoy is retired from years of service in the Insurance industry, he wants to cut back a little more as he spends the winters at his second home down south. Stephen McEvoy will reserve the right to sell a few Tru Balance throwing knives from his shop in Michigan.

Tru Balance throwing knives will continue to be made in the same manner as they have been for the past 60 years. The Tru Balance EAST knives that will be added to the Tru Balance knives lineup, will be made in the Branton shop in South Carolina.

This will allow Stephen to have more family time, and it will allow him to furnish Branton with more Tru Balance throwing knives to have on hand for immediate delivery. It will also allow Branton to make fewer throwing knives in his shop and it will allow him to concentrate more on the manufacture of his pocket knives, fixed blade knives and Tactical folding knives and still provide his customers with some of the finest throwing knives in the world and made in the USA.

Visit: Tru-Balance Knife Company East