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Tru-Bal West Catalog from 1984

1984 Tru-Bal West Catalog

In 1984 Harry McEvoy struck a deal to sell off two or three models from the Tru-Balance Knife Company to a company in Oklahoma called Tru-Bal West. The models they took over from Harry were the Model No. 1 PROFESSIONAL, the Model No. 3 THROWING BOWIE and a modified Model No. 80 SUPER-PRO with the wings cut off that they re-dubbed the Model No. 82 INDIAN LANCEHEAD throwing knife.
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An Old Tru-Balance Knife Company Catalog

I received these images of an old Tru-Balance Knife Company catalog that I’d never seen before. It turns out that they come from Bobby Branton, a longtime friend and student of Harry K. McEvoy.

The hand-writing looks like Harry’s (but so does Stephen’s a little) so I think it was before 1993. But I know it was after 1984 obviously by the dates written on it.

This is a great resource because it gives dates that certain models were in production.

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