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Model No. 4 Tru-Balâ„¢ BATTLE BLADE Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

The Model No. 4 Tru-Bal Battle Blade stays true to the heritage of Tru-Bal throwing knives.

It is hand-crafted of super-tough, especially tempered spring steel with extended tang to take up the shock of throwing. Handle slabs are made of durable vulcanized fibre, held firmly in place by heavy rivets.

This combat weapon is a combination fighting, hunting, survival and throwing knife.

But here’s what makes the Battle Blade different:

Firstly, the back of the blade tapers toward the tip, giving the knife an aggressive appearance.

Secondly, the handle widens toward the butt of the knife so it is easier to grip. (This knife will not accidentally slip out of your hand, but is still easy to throw.)

This rugged foot-long fighting knife represents a triumph in combat cutlery.

Overall length is 12″, width 1-1/2″, thickness 3/16″. Weighs 12 ounces.

Brown leather sheath and throwing instructions included.

This knife is brand new from the factory. It is handmade by Stephen D. McEvoy, son of the founder of the Tru-Balance Knife Company, Harry K. McEvoy.