Kenneth Elwood Gary
Kenneth Elwood Gary
I’m Kenneth Elwood Gary and I’ve been a rabid Tru-Balance Throwing Knife fan for many, many years.

My relationship with Tru-Balance Throwing Knives started when I was 19, going to college and working at “The Knife Shop” at Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, Texas. I bought a knife throwing book by Harry K. McEvoy, got his address and I personally became a dealer to help put myself through college.

In the years around 1983-1984 I bought and sold many Tru-Bal™ Throwing Knives and kept some for my personal collection which I’m documenting here on this site. Mr. McEvoy was great to work with and each time I placed another order I got another personal letter from him. I thought it would be interesting for true collectors if I displayed those letters here on this site.

I got through college and got a “real job” at NASA working at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston. I stopped selling knives in 1984 and since then I have enjoyed my career as a Software Engineer and now Web Developer. But then I got the itch again to get back into throwing knives.

In 2008 I contacted Stephen D. McEvoy, Harry’s son who took over the business, to see how the company was going and if I could become (or resume being) a dealer again. Stephen was still going strong at that time making fine handmade throwing knives for sportsmen and he welcomed me back as an authorized Tru-Balance Throwing knife dealer.

I was very honored and excited by this to say the least.

Fast forward to 2016, and things changed. Stephen and Bobby Branton sealed a deal for Tru-Balance Knife Company East to be the exclusive dealer for all things Tru-Balance. So now, if you want to order a new Tru-Bal Knife this is how.