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Model No. 4-A Tru-Bal™ BATTLE BLADE Throwing Knife by Harry K. McEvoy

Tru-Bal Model No. 4 BATTLE BLADE I Purchased on eBay

This is a Tru-Bal Model No. 4-A I won on eBay in February of 2009 from the same gentleman I purchased a Model No.70 from. I bid on it because I did not already have a Model No. 4 that was made by Harry. This model wasn’t being made in 1983 and 1984 when I was purchasing Tru-Bal throwing knives. The one that was being made then was the Model No. 4-B BATTLE BLADE COMBAT THROWER. So I had to have this one.

Tru-Bal Model No.4 with Black Leather Riveted Sheath
Tru-Bal Model No.4 with Black Leather Riveted Sheath

Here is his auction description:

Tru Bal Model 4 Battle Blade Throwing Knife

Last chance for Tru Bal collectors. I am liquidating my over thirty-five year collection of Harry McEvoy Tru Bal knifes and other collectible throwing knives. The knife offered here is the last one of the early ones that I obtained in the mid 1970’s. It has an overall length of just over 11 1/2 inches. It comes with an early Tru Bal black leather sheath with multiple rivits. The knife blade has the Tru Bal emblem. Tru Bal written out and three stars on one side and the Tru Bal emblem on the obverse side of the blade which is typical of the early knives. It is very close to mint other than a few small scraches and the very few normal slight pits in the metal (not caused by corrosion, but typical of the tool steel used in the early knives). The knife appears to have been never thrown. I am told this model Tru Bal was popular in Viet Nam as it is smaller and weighs somewhat less than some of the other models.

Overall this knife is highly desirable, very early, Tru Bal that any collector would be happy to won. I have set a reasonable reserve price of what I actually paid for the knife over thirty years ago.

True to his description, Bruce did not offer any more Tru-Bal throwing knifes for sale on eBay after that. I’m glad to have gotten this one. It is a very nice piece. I do really like the black leather sheath with the studs, which proves again how little I know because I thought that black sheaths were only a recent thing with Tru-Bal!

The Model No. 4-A BATTLE BLADE throwing knives were made by Harry K. McEvoy between 1966-1981. I am going to have to find out when Stephen started making it again as the current Model No. 4.

If you have a story about a Model No. 4 or any pictures of one please fill out the comment form below and share with everyone.

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  1. I have a couple of the battle blades I purchased in 1971. one I threw a couple of times, the other, never thrown. I have the box they came in, the catalog sheet, and a note from Harry .I had purchased a throwing knife for my dad as a Christmas present in 1971 he died without seeing it so I put in the casket with him. I told Harry the story and he later mentioned it during an interview. I have these knives and wonder if collectors are interested if I decide to sell these fine knives, sheaths, etc. tks, dpjet

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