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Why I’m Not Throwing Knives Today…

Last night we were supposed to get about two feet of snow. We didn’t get quite that much but we got a bunch!

Here is why I am not throwing knives today!
Here is why I am not throwing knives today!

You haven’t seen my knife throwing target in a while so this is a good chance to talk about it a bit. I did paint the rings onto the logs with spray paint. Not a terrific job because you really need a good base coat of white paint as a primer since the logs suck up all the paint you can throw at them.

I used a 2.5″ red circle as the bullseye because it “looked” right to me. When I looked at the IKTHOF site pictures and read their instructions it seemed wrong. A 4″ bullseye just didn’t look like their pictures. I was talking to Joe “Broken Feather” Darrah and he told me the rules use to be 2.5″ but they changed it to 4″ now. So the pictures must be of old targets. That’s GREAT! With a 4″ circle I should get more bullseyes and more points!

So when I repaint these logs (and do it right this time) I’ll also mount them onto the boards you see in the back like everybody else rather than hanging them in this frame I built.

You learn as you go along and I know now that this setup has way too much metal exposed. When I miss I’ve been putting knicks on my knives which is a pain to fix. I think after I move these five targets onto some 2″x12″ boards like you’ll see in another blog post coming soon, I’ll get some 12″ thick logs…maybe three…and hang them in the middle of this target like I originally did and use it for tomahawks.

One thought on “Why I’m Not Throwing Knives Today…

  1. I’m hoping you can give me a hand finding this information. Back in the early to mid eighties I stage managed a wild west show that featured Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger. One of the featured acts was a knife thrower who said he was a Seminole chief, that he was a fourth or fifth generation knife thrower and he used a odd shaped Bowie knife not totally like but close to your “Mountain Bowie.” We also featured the Cherokee Hoop Dancers that had appeared on the Johnny Carson Show. I’m looking for any information about this man and his knife throwing family, what their names were and what happened to them.

    It’s a small world, but you are the only likely web link to the mystery that I found online. Perhaps a member would know something about these folks.

    Best regards,

    Suzanne in Connecticut

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