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VIDEO REVIEW: Knife and Tomahawk Throwing For Fun by Michael Pearl

If I put Harry McEvoy’s knife throwing video, Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Backyard Recreation, on one end of the throwing knife video spectrum and David Adamovich’s knife throwing video, The Fundamentals of Knife, Hawk and Axe Throwing with an introduction to the Impalement Arts at the other end of the spectrum, then I would put Michael Pearl’s knife throwing video, Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Fun in the middle, leaning a little closer to The Great Throwdini’s video.

DVD: Knife and Tomahak Throwing For Fun by Michael Pearl
DVD: Knife and Tomahawk Throwing For Fun by Michael Pearl

Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Fun isn’t quite as technical as The Great Throwdini’s video but it will teach you a lot. He goes over the steps of knife throwing and breaks them down much more thoroughly than Harry K. McEvoy does. I liked how Michael used a nylon strap on the ground that he painted into a measuring device stretching out in front of his targets so he could always find his mark. I think this is an excellent device for newbies and I wonder where you get a strap like that.

Michael goes into more depth with Tomahawks than most other knife throwing videos I’ve watched so far. He shows you how the length of the handle makes a big difference in your throwing. He makes sure you know why a tomahawk head has to not be fastened to the handle (because it will break the handle on a bad throw instead of just coming apart) and many other tips. He has a very nice collection of hawks he shows you.

Then there is just some fooling around. He does lots of trick throws from behind the back and between his legs. He even throws a little camp shovel to show that you can have fun with just about anything that will stick. I like that he showed his family and used them to demonstrate what a throwing knife lesson really looks like. He even has some really young boys throw some knives…and they start sticking them right away. It is fascinating and heart-warming.

Then there are the dangerous stunts.

Well, I’ll let you buy the DVD and watch those dangerous stunts yourself. All I’m saying is “catch a throwing knife out of the air!” ‘Nuff said.

From the Back Cover:

Have you ever wondered how professional knife throwers got so good? Yes, it takes practice, but more importantly, it takes the right technique. Renowned knife throwing expert and tomahawk champion tells all. In this step-by-step, clear and easy to understand instructional video there is also a healthy dose of entertainment and showmanship to make this fun for the whole family to watch.

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  • The Target
  • Marking Off Distance
  • Types of Knives
  • Rotation
  • Fine Tuning Distance
  • Mountain Man Knives
  • Proper Form
  • Tomahawks
  • Hands On Lessons
  • Bloopers and More Fun
  • Dangerous Stunts

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  1. This would make a great xmas gift for any knife throwing enthusiasts like my brother who grew up with a wide variety of knives from machetes to throwing stars. šŸ™‚

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