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VIDEO REVIEW: Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Backyard Recreation by Harry K. McEvoy and Michael S. Lambert (VHS)

In his video, Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Harry McEvoy gives a very nice overview of the backyard sport of knife throwing. It was great to get to see him in his later years talking about the subject he loves, reminding me that he made me love knife throwing too.

Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Backyard Recreation by Harry K. McEvoy
Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Backyard Recreation by Harry K. McEvoy

This video, while instructional, is not as in-depth as others that are available. He skims the surface of the sport, showing the basics. If you are looking for a “how-to” video then get the one by The Great Throwdini. No, this video is for those of us who are fans of Harry K. McEvoy and Tru-Bal Throwing knives.

We get to see some rare old Tru-Bal models that Harry brings out to play with on a sunny Sunday afternoon. That’s how the video feels to me. The family (though not seen) is out on the property for a picnic and they all enjoy a good throw at an old dead tree.

The target he used in this video was very interesting to me. They took a tree that had about a 24″ diameter, cut it off at about six feet from the ground and then sliced it vertically down the center to about two feet off the ground. That left a nice flat face with vertical grain to throw at. If I ever own some property and a tree that size dies then that’ what I’m going to do.

This video only comes in VHS format as far as I know. I had to drag out my VHS player which thankfully I still had and hook it up to my computer to watch it. If anyone knows where to get a DVD copy, let me know. If you are a true, true Tru-Bal fan and want a copy of this video let me know, it will take some time and be very expensive, but I know where I can order a copy for you.

P.S.: I guess I missed it when they showed this on MTV! ;-D

From the VHS Jacket:

After making more than 30,00 Knives by hand and sixty years of Knife Throwing, internationally acclaimed Harry “Mac the Knife” McEvoy shows the secrets and tricks of throwing that only the pros know in Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Backyard Recreation. Featured recently on MTV, McEvoy is recognized as the “Knife Throwing King of America” and “Father of Modern Knife Throwing”. He has authored ten books on the subject, one of which has sold over 90,000 copies. Friend and associate of some of the greatest Knife makers and masters of the twentieth century, he is the Founder of the American Knife Throwers Alliance. Knife and Tomahawk Throwing is not just a great Recreation for sportsmen and women; it is part of the history of America.

Harry McEvoy is a Fighting Illini, class of 1933, World War II Veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps, a member of The Prestigious Company of Military Historians and a Black Belt with the North Georgia China Hand Society. He resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO REVIEW: Knife and Tomahawk Throwing for Backyard Recreation by Harry K. McEvoy and Michael S. Lambert (VHS)

  1. This is likely the only video a novice would ever need to learn all the basics in plain english with no fancy embellished BS just plain good obvious natural throwing information!
    Harry K. McEvoy was a great man and a friend, many of the professional knife throwers as well as some people crazy enough to try it sought him out to make custom hunting knives as well, he wore many hat’s and was the co founder of the Tru-Flyte Knife throwers Of America along with Charles Gruzanski whom I’m sorry to say I never got the chance to know!
    Charles Gruzanski also wrote a book called Spike & Chain that showed in detail early for it’s time the correct throwing method for Bo Shuriken (Spikes) and Shaken (Throwing Stars), the title was later changed during the Ninja craze of the 70’s to Knife Throwing Techniques of The Ninja.
    But if you just want to learn about how a knife is to be judged as to wether it is a blade or handle thrower and about the myth of balance of a thrown knife this is a fantastic video by a great man, unfortunately it was made towards the end of his life and not in his Prime!
    Some of the other folks who sat on the Board Of Directors of The Tru-Flyte Knife Throwers Of America were Prince Che Che White Cloud, Paul Lacross, Bo Randall, Skeeter Vaughn and several other famous knife throwers.
    In Harry’s books you can read all about these great throwers including The Dean of Knife Throwing Dick Haines, Larry Cisewski, Che Che White Cloud and his father Chief White Cloud, Skeer Vaughn (Gray Otter) who once threw a bayonet 89 feet to take out a sentry during the war, all of his books are worth the read in my opinion!
    Joe Darrah

  2. Joe, Thanks for the comment. You have a wealth of information and knowledge about Harry McEvoy and other greats in knife throwing both current and past. I really appreciate and am honored by your contribution. Thanks, Ken

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