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Model No. 1 Tru-Bal™ PROFESSIONAL Throwing Knife by Harry K. McEvoy

I had to pay $4 extra for a leather sheath which was optional for this model. I must have accidentally switched it on a Bowie-Axe I sold because this sheath has the “Bowie-Axe” stamp in it!

This knife was hand-made by Harry K. McEvoy, founder of the Tru-Balance Knife Company. I bought it from him in the early 1980’s.

Catalog Description (from when I bought it in the early 1980’s) :

Overall length 13-1/2″, width 1-1/2″, thickness 3/16″, weight 12-1/2 ounces. Made of specially tempered spring steel, with highly polished finish. Vulcanized fiber material in handles secured with extra heavy rivets. Considered by many to be the world’s finest throwing knife! Please add $4.00 if strong leather sheath is desired.

14 thoughts on “Model No. 1 Tru-Bal™ PROFESSIONAL Throwing Knife by Harry K. McEvoy

  1. Hello,
    I’m interested in buying several of your Tru-Bal Professional Throwing Knife Model No. 1. Can you tell me how to purchase ?

  2. Steven,

    Thanks for your interest in my Tru-Balance Model No. 1. Unfortunately that particular model is not for sale. That one is made by Harry McEvoy and I only have one in my collection. I am not parting with any of my knives that I collected in the early 1980’s that were made by Harry McEvoy.

    However, I do have several more recent models made by his son Stephen D. McEvoy that are currently for sale on eBay, ending tomorrow I believe.

    You can look at my auctions here:

    Soon I will be selling these models on this web site too so please sign up on the home page to the web site updates to know when this is going to start happening.



  3. My first TruBal was a Model #1 back in 1979. I think I paid 21.00 for it. I was 15 years old.

    My Dad and I threw if for countless hours. Dad passed away last year, but those hours, I’ll never forget . One day we lost #1 under a willow tree and only found it weeks later. Needless to say, it didn’t look so good. I sent it back to Mr. McEvoy and he did the best he could with it. It had new slabs and the finish was better than it was. I still have it, but it still won’t win any beauty contest.

    I remember my dad sticking it our shed’s door. He threw it a good fifty feet once with one slow 1/4 turn. No joke. I wish he could have duplicated the throw and taught me how he did that. I saw Ralph Thorn throw like that just recently in a video. Dad was years ahead of his time and didn’t even know it.

    I bought another #1 on an Ebay auction a few years back. I thought I’d replace my less than pretty one with a bright and shiney one. Know what? My original one, ugly as it might be, is still more dear to me than the mint condition one.

  4. I have a Model No. 1 that I have been throwing as long as I can remember. It was my fathers since I honestly don’t know when. He and a fellow firefighter used to throw it and a No. 2 at the fire station when they weren’t running calls. My father taught me to throw with this knife and now I have taught my son how to throw with this knife, starting when he was 4 years old. He stuck it perfect on his third throw. I had a picture, that I since lost due to a crashed computer, with him standing next to it in the log end. It was twice as long as his chest was wide. I just taught my pregnant girlfriend how to throw with this knife and do still have video of that. If you contact me I will be happy to send the video to you to post. That knife is attached to some of my greatest memories in life, starting with my father, then my son and now my new child being part of it before it was even born.

  5. I have a set of two No. 1’s with a double sheath. They were given to me in 92 by a family friend. He said they belonged to his Uncle who was a knife thrower in the circus. They are a bit rough as they were used in his show and I of course being a kid, had to learn to through them. I was wondering what these would be worth? If you like I would be happy to send you some photo’s.

  6. I would love for you to send me a picture of these.

  7. Sorry it took so long to respond, life got in the way a bit. I don’t know if the pictures will show up but here goes. These are a few quick photos and I hope to get some better ones in the daylight and with a real camera rather than my phone.

  8. I’m very interested in some throwing knives. Do I order through email or site. Plz let me know.

  9. I’m not currently selling knives directly on this site. But please click on the order link at the top of the page for instructions on how you can order directly through mail.

  10. Hello, i have a small set of knives that were made and stamped by Tru-Bal WEST. Can you tell me anything about what models Harry McEvoy allowed Tru-Bal WEST to produce?

  11. I’m not positive what all of the models were that Harry sold to Tru-Bal West but I know the Model No. 1 Professional was one of them.

  12. Also the Tru Pro was one of them along with a few blade throwers and some bowies and bowie axe I do have access to all of the Tru Bal WEST knives and can find out if you would like to know. The No. 1 pro is definately my favorite to throw I wish I had a dozen of them.

  13. Are any Truebalance throwing knives available?

  14. I am sure Stephen McEvoy is still selling them. Use the info on the Order page to contact him.

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