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I SUCK at Throwing Knives! Help Me Throwdini!

I built a target in my back yard a few weeks ago and started throwing knives again after 25 years off. Boy was I surprised at how few times I could stick the knife. It’s a lot harder than it looks…and it’s harder than I remembered. I went through my books and re-read all of the material but I wasn’t getting much better. So I decided to check out a few videos and see if I could find one that would help me.

The Fundamentals of Knife, Hawk and Axe Throwing with an Introduction to the Impalement Arts
The Fundamentals of Knife, Hawk and Axe Throwing with an Introduction to the Impalement Arts

I finally found The Great Throwdini!

David Adamovich has created a video called The Fundamentals of Knife, Hawk and Axe Throwing with an Introduction to the Impalement Arts.

That’s quite a mouthful, but its appropriate considering how in-depth his video is. No information is withheld. All the insider’s secrets are revealed for the very first time, he says.

He really does break it down. The information comes in five parts.

PART 1 : Throwing Knives and Target Construction

Throwdini has a very nice collection of throwing knives, including an early Tru-Bal throwing knife that he shows off in the video. One trick knife that is incredible looks like a customized Tru-Bal Bowie-Axe (but it could be something else) that fires a blank round when it hits the target. That was particularly cool.

PART 2 : Grip, Stance, Wind-up, Release and Follow Through as seen from 5 different views in slow motion and frame by frame analysis

This is the meat-and-potatoes of what makes this the best video if you really want to learn how to throw like a pro as quickly as you can. Avoid having to unlearn bad form by learning good form as early as you can.

PART 3 : WFKT, AKTA and IKTA Competition format throwing with sample knife and hawk throws.

I always wondered at the various rules and targets that the different organizations use for their competition and he teaches you all of them in this part of the video.

PART 4 : Stunt throwing with a LaCross Axe showing 13 different ways to throw within a 6 foot area.

I tried to find a LaCross Axe for sale on the internet and I couldn’t, but David Adamovich sure makes it look fun to throw.

PART 5 : Impalement Arts (throwing around a human assistant) featuring balloon breaking, backhand, underhand and throwing while blind folded

When you see this part of the video which includes footage of several of his performances you realize why Throwdini is qualified to make this video. I cannot see myself ever throwing at (or next to) a live target but it is a lot of fun to watch him do it.

Actually, that is not what impressed me the most about this video and I have to tell you what was the most impressive to me. I’m not sure why, but he films his instruction in a marina on a pier. He placed his targets at the edge of the dock by the water. Some of his targets are 4’x6′ boards for sure, but others are just a 20″ log on a tripod. Let this sink in. If he misses one throw his knives go in the water!…and he is not throwing from only 8 or 10 feet away…he is doing two and three spins! (Watch the video sample on this page to see what I mean.)

I couldn’t get over that, and neither will you I bet.

3 thoughts on “I SUCK at Throwing Knives! Help Me Throwdini!

  1. Hello Ken:
    It’s Throwdini. Thank you for all the kind words. Knife throwing is easy — when you know how. The reality is that it’s a natural skill. If you have “it” then everything falls in place. If you don’t then there’s a shed-load of practice to find your groove. Some people find knife throwing natural. For others it’s a struggle. Frankly speaking, if you relax it’s a piece of cake. If you’re all tight and buggered up then your throwing will reflect just that. Bob Karp said I was the “smoothest” knife thrower he’d ever seen. I was throwing just months at that time. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since those days but it’s still a piece of cake. I’ve gotten a whole lot more accurate and a hell of a lot faster. Let’s see, 10 knives in 3.73 seconds! Fast enough? Anyway, I’ve been accused of being the King of Shameless Self-Promotion. Why disappoint them?
    Best regards, sorry if this is a duplicate post but seems like the submit button didn’t go anywhere so I’m resubmitting.

  2. Thanks for your comment David!

    My son and I recently watched your video together and today we threw knives. You’re absolutely right. I relaxed a little more today and my throwing was a little better today. Thanks for the extra tip!


  3. […] sport, showing the basics. If you are looking for a “how-to” video then get the one by The Great Throwdini. No, this video is for those of us who are fans of Harry K. McEvoy and Tru-Bal Throwing […]

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