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Have You Joined The International Knife Throwers Association Yet?

If you’ve become even semi-serious about knife throwing then you’ve probably heard of the International Knife Throwers Hall Of Fame Association. They’ve been around since 2003 when they were founded and are located in Austin, Texas. Every year they hold the World Championships there.

IKTHOF Membership Certificate #143 Belonging To Ken Gary
IKTHOF Membership Certificate #143 Belonging To Ken Gary

Their motto is “Aut Sica Inherit, Aut Non Inherit” which translates as “Either The Knife Sticks, Or It Doesn’t.”

When you join you get a really cool certificate and a couple of patches like the ones you see in the pictures. I was kind of surprised by the patch that said “inductee” because I certainly don’t deserve it…yet. Gotta practice a LOT more!

But it’s a good thing to belong to an organization and support them when they are promoting the sport you love. I’m encouraging everyone to sign up and become a member today. Here’s where you can download an application and mail it in to them.

International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame Association Membership Application

I just noticed that my name has finally been added to the Association Members page! There I am…number 143! (The last one in at the time of this writing.)

Here’s a short video from YouTube that gives you a taste of what it would be like to compete at the 2009 US Central World Championship this October

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