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Model No. 2 Tru-Bal™ BOWIE-AXE Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

Tru-Bal Model No. 2 BOWIE-AXE Throwing Knife

First made and sold worldwide in 1959, the Bowie-Axe throwing knife is one of the oldest throwing knives still being manufactured today.

And for good reason, too. It’s achieved world-wide fame and recognition as the premier all-purpose throwing, camping, hunting, chopping, and survival knife.

Imagine how safe, secure, and untouchable you’ll feel as you hike through the forest with a Bowie-Axe hanging at your hip.

There is nothing you need to fear in nature when you’re armed with such a powerful throwing knife.

You can hunt small game with it… you can hack away underbrush with ease… and, of course, you can enjoy the sport of throwing it at trees while you’re hanging around camp.

The Bowie-Axe is hand-made out of tempered spring steel. The handle slabs are made of tough vulcanized fiber and secured by extra-heavy rivets. Because of it’s “bullet proof” construction, it will stand up to a lifetime of rugged use.

The Bowie-Axe is 13 1/2″ overall, 2″ wide and 3/16″ thick. It weighs 15 ounces and comes with a durable handcrafted leather sheath to protect the blade.

This knife is brand new from the factory. It is handmade by Stephen D. McEvoy, son of the founder of the Tru-Balance Knife Company, Harry K. McEvoy.

11 thoughts on “Model No. 2 Tru-Bal™ BOWIE-AXE Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

  1. The Tru-Bal Bowie Axe is one of the best throwers and general purpose knives you can have, they have been tested from Vietnam to Afganistan, a great thrower and general utility knife!

    Joe D.

  2. Hey Ken,
    Are these Tru-Balance knives still available? You never see them for sale by any of the online knife retailers.


  3. How do you buy them?

  4. Hey Charles!

    I’m currently not selling individual knives. Here is the link to my knife-of-the-month club if you are interested:


  5. […] nearly had my hands on one of these cheap at an auction. I had to leave before it began though. Model No. 2 Tru-Bal? BOWIE-AXE Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy | Tru-Bal Throwing Knife Society I believe the guy who made these used to hunt boar with them. It's called a Bowie-Ax for those who […]

  6. I hunted hogs with Tru-Bal throwing knives outside of Sacramento CA in the late 70s. Was the last time I hunted game because after dropping hogs with a knife, what could I really aspire to… Now, I just use a camera…

  7. i have an original bowie axe was wondering what its worth if anything

  8. That depends on a lot of things like what you mean by original, the condition, does it have the sheath, is it signed and is there a good story with it like for example, was it carried in Viet Nam and could you prove it. It could be worth anything from $25 to $250 depending on those factors. Send me a picture of it and I’ll try to narrow that down for you.

  9. About how long does it take to receive a knife if I am to order one, and is the current price of the Bowie Axe still $95, also what is the cutting edge length on the Bowie Axe? I am very interested in purchasing this knife I am an avid knife enthusiast and would love to purchase a great thrower.

  10. Hey Tristan! This site is a collector’s club. I’m not currently selling the knives myself. I cannot tell you exactly how long it might take, but you can give Stephen a call and he’ll be able to advise you.

  11. I just recieved a TR BAL BOWIE AXE from the early 60s today ! With original sheath. It has been used, but not abused. Perfect edge and really sharp. Handle slabs in very decent condition. I paid $55.00 and free shipping. The seller told me her brother carried it in the Nam. Said it saved his life on more than one occasion. I have many knives with stories from the 1800s , WW 1, WW2, KOREA ,THE NAM, PANAMA, THE GULF WAR, AND AFGHANISTAN. THE MOST PRIZED IS A BEAVERTAIL COMANCHE KNIFE AND A L.F.& C. 1918 KNUCKLE KNIFE IN PRISTINE CONDITION. ALL POINTS ON KNUCKLES INTACT AND SHARP AND VERY LITTLE BLADE USE. WAS OFFERED 1200.00 AT THE LAST GUN SHOW I ATTENDED. SORRY, NO SALE. THIS ISA REALLY GREAT SITE AND SOME REALLY GOOD INFORMATION ! THANKS FOR THE HISTORY LESSON. I’M VERY PROUD OF MY LATEST FIND. THE CHEAPEST ON EBAY WAS 135.00 NO SHEATH, TO 250.00 NO SHEATH. I CONSIDER MYSELF FORTUNATE TO AQUIRE THE VERY COOL BLADE.

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