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Model No. 94 Tru-Bal™ Mountain Bowie Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

The Mountain Bowie is the biggest knife in the Tru-Bal line-up. It is also the most impressive.

When you hold this knife and feel its heft, you might be tempted to quote Crocodile Dundee: “That’s not a knife. THIS is a knife.”

Because of its weight and shaped handle, the Moutain Bowie is an excellent heavyweight handle thrower. It is also an ideal outdoor survival knife. With accurate throws, this could easily make dinner out of small game.

The Mountain Bowie is made from specially tempered spring steel to stand up to a lifetime of rugged, all-purpose use. It is approximately 15 inches long and weighs about 21 ounces. It is 2 1/4″ wide at the blade and 3/16″ thick.

This knife is one of only two Tru-Bal knifes that have a comfortable anatomic handle. The sturdy vulcanized fiber handle slabs are solidly riveted to resist the shock of throwing.

Durable leather sheath and throwing instructions are included.

This knife is brand new from the factory. It is handmade by Stephen D. McEvoy, son of the founder of the Tru-Balance Knife Company, Harry K. McEvoy.

6 thoughts on “Model No. 94 Tru-Bal™ Mountain Bowie Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

  1. When are you expecting another shipment?

  2. Hey Tucker!

    I’m currently not selling individual knives. Here is the link to my knife-of-the-month club if you are interested:


  3. Please start selling individual knives again =) I would love to get a model 94 but cannot afford the knife of the month club. Thanks

  4. so do we order knives from the catalog that we request from the knife of the month club? or is there a section of the website where we order knives and pay with paypal?

  5. From now on Tru-Bal knives should be ordered directly from the Tru-Balance Knife Company. You can get a free catalog if you call 616-647-1215 and leave your mailing address. Or you can write to: Tru-Balance Knife Company, P.O. Box 140555, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49515-0555.

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