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Model No. 79 Tru-Bal™ SPORT-PRO Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

There is perhaps no better knife for professional throwing than the Model No. 79 Heavyweight Tru-Bal SPORT-PRO.

It is hand-fashioned from super-tough tempered spring steel for even the most aggressive throwers. And it is balanced such that it can be thrown equally well from both the handle and the blade.

What’s more, this knife is amazingly accurate, combining cool control with maximum penetration in an incredible feat of balance. In a mere second or two, you can bury this knife into its target.

While the Tru-Bal SPORT-PRO has been used by hundreds of professional knife throwers, it is also an excellent knife for beginners.

The heft of the knife feels good in the hand; it issues a solid “thunk” as it drives deep into the target. And since the SPORT-PRO can be hurled by the handle or blade, it is more versatile than other knives.

Finally, because only the highest quality steel is used, this knife will stand up to a lifetime of rugged use.

The SPORT-PRO heavyweight thrower is 13 1/2″ overall, 2 1/2″ wide and 5/32″ thick. It weighs 15 ounces and is the ideal length, weight, and balance for professional performance.

Sheaths are not available with this model. U.S. Patent Des. 234,214

13 thoughts on “Model No. 79 Tru-Bal™ SPORT-PRO Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

  1. Hello and thank you for creating this website!!! I am pretty new to the art of throwing and I am amazed at how fun and challenging it is. I am very interested in trying out the # 79 model. These knives are hard to find huh? Can’t seem to find them anywhere. Thanks for making them available. I look forward to any updates and signing up for the membership when I can afford it!! Ha!!!
    Take it easy and keep up the great work. -Hans

  2. Hans, I am so glad you found this site. Thank you for your great comment and the compliment.

  3. Ken, finally had a chance to build a target and throw my 79.
    Slides out of your hand like butter and hits with a wallop. Great knife !!

  4. Bill, I know what you mean. I was using only two of my old Model #79’s so I retired those to my collection and this week I gave in and allocated myself 5 of the new SPORT-PRO’s I just got in, and they are indeed great! It’s a lot better having more knives to throw in one round than having to do so much walking. ::grin::

    BTW, I’d love to see a picture of your target. What did you build?

    Click here to see mine.

  5. Hi, Ken. I got my three Sport-Pro knives today, so I unpacked them and headed to the backyard. After a few throws, I was sticking them fairly well … after some tiny adjustments to my stance, I was sticking them really well. Good weight, nice authoritative “thunk” when they hit. (It’s REALLY humid today in Oklahoma, so my time outdoors left me sweating like a pig … but I’m SMILING!) Now I’ve got to scrape together the pennies to buy another set of three. That way I can have a competition set of five, and one “spare.” Thanks!

  6. George, that is excellent! I know the feeling. How about taking some pictures of you and your target and uploading them here in a comment?

  7. I bought the original model of this knife many years ago and was in awe of the size and weight of them. I never got around to building a target but instead used a large cross section of an old tree. It was approximatly 8 inches thick and 3 feet around. I used it for so long that eventually the knives would go right through it ( all the way) ! One more thing, those knives are so “Beefy” that after an hour of throwing them, your arm would really feel it. These are great knives and I am planning on buying more. My old ones have been retired.

  8. Hey, I just called today and left a message because I was wanting to order model no.79,. I noticed you just went out of stock tonight now though.. When will you have more available in inventory? Is there an ETA? Also, I’m just curious.. but, specifically what type of steel is used to construct this blade? Will a knife be available for me to buy soon as you get more in stock?

  9. I am expecting a small shipment of model no. 79’s very soon. They won’t be available again until after April, 2011.

  10. Good morning. Wondering if you have any 79’s left for sale after the April shipment arrived? Thanks and regards.

  11. No, that was a long time ago! ;-D

    You can find out how to order directly from the factory here:

  12. what a great website.i am a member of the AKTA and just love throwing knives.i have 4 of Mr.Harry McEvoys books and always want to learn more.Mr.Pat Minter is one of my favorite throwers.he is a true gentleman and his easy-going nature is friendly and makes you feel comfortable.his technique is EFFORT-LESS-NESS.
    the model 79 are my favorite knife to throw.wishing you all the best with the tribute and site dedicated to Mr.Harry McEvoy.
    God Bless and much respect,david

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