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Model No. 6 Tru-Bal™ RIFLEMAN Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

In the early days of America, when colonists were fighting for their independence from the oppressive British government, survival was the order of the day.

Most colonists were armed with two weapons: a rifle and a knife.

In those days, rifles were often unreliable. You might get off one shot… if you were lucky. Misfires were common.

In such cases, a colonist’s knife became his primary weapon for defending himself.

The Tru-Bal Rifleman’s throwing knife stays true to its history. The straight blade makes it perfect for hunting, fishing, and various survival needs.

And the 13 1/2″ blade is long enough to kill a man in hand-to-hand combat, as was often done during the Revolutionary War.

Of course, the Tru-Bal Rifleman is different from its predecessors in one important way: it has been designed as a throwing knife, and can be thrown equally well by the handle or the blade.

All of which has made the Rifleman a very popular knife with the nation’s muzzle-loading enthusiasts.

The Rifleman is hand-made out of tempered spring steel. And the handle slabs are made of tough vulcanized fiber, secured by extra-heavy rivets. In sum, it is a rugged knife fit for true American patriots.

The Rifleman is 13 1/2″ overall, 1 1/2″ wide and 3/16″ thick. It weighs 14 ounces and comes with a durable, heavy-duty leather sheath to protect the blade.

6 thoughts on “Model No. 6 Tru-Bal™ RIFLEMAN Throwing Knife by Stephen D. McEvoy

  1. sir, I have one of the first tru bal throwing knives, I got it back
    in 1979, or 80

  2. I live in France. How can i buy this knive??

  3. Unfortunately I do not ship these knives to addresses outside of the US.

  4. Hi I was wondering how I would be able to order and get a NO 6 thrower shipped to me or if I can get one?


  5. At the very top of the site is a link that says “Order” and it contains the current information on how to get Tru-Bal knives. I am currently not offering them for sale online but you can order them directly from the Tru-Balance knife company:

  6. witch throwing knife is easier to throw the mod. 76 or mod. 6 ? Do u have to have a sharp edge to throw in competition ? is ur moder 6 sharp? (Tony in mo.)

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