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Set of 3 Gun Blue Finished Tru-Bal Throwing Knives: Models 1, 3 and 4

Tru-Bal Set of 3 Blued Throwing Knives

I originally purchased this set of three Tru-Bal throwing knives on eBay in 2009. Here is the original auction description:

This auction is for a lot of three Tru-Bal Harry K. McEvoy throwing knives. These three knives are finished in a very high quality deep gun blue finish. The longest, I believe it is a Cuban thrower is 13 3/8″ long and is the only of the 3 without any markings. The next is 11 3/4″ and is marked TRU- BAL and has the logo on both sides. The next knife is also 11 3/4″ and with the same markings. They all have matching handles of black vulcanized fiber. These show no wear or evidence of ever being thrown. The longest knife has some small rust spots, see photos. These are sold as pictured, check the photos very carefully and ask questions if you need. I purchased these from one person as a set. I am not sure if they came from the factory blued or not, but the bluing is of very high quality and makes these throwers very unique.

Tru-Bal Set of 3 Blued Throwing Knives
Tru-Bal Set of 3 Blued Throwing Knives

These knives are actually a Tru-Bal Model No. 1 Professional, Model No. 3 Throwing Bowie and a Model No. 4 Battle Blade. It appears that they have had their handles removed and then were blued like a gun. I am not sure if this was done by Harry at Tru-Balance or by someone else after purchase. I asked Stephen McEvoy, Harry’s son about this and he said that if a customer wanted their set of knives blued, he would have done it for them. So he could not say for sure if it was done by Harry but he could not rule it out. I tend to think they were not blued by the Tru-Balance Knife Company but by someone else afterwards.

When I received this set and could see what they really were I realized there was probably a missing Model No. 2 Bowie-Axe that was not included so I wrote the seller and asked about that. Here is what the seller wrote back to confirm my suspicion:

Found them on a table at the Rochester, NY gun show last year (2008). The guy had bought them from an estate sale he said. There were four in the set. I kept the bowie axe for throwing myself. That is all I know about them. The seller didn’t know anything about them.

I knew there was a missing No. 2! This set had Model No. 1, 3, and 4 and I knew whoever made them also would have done a No. 2. I felt it was missing. This breaks my heart actually because now I know I do not have a complete set.

These are like new in brand new condition. But the handles are loose and the model no. 4 has a different style of rivet which is not the regular kind used by Tru-Bal. In the process of bluing these knives it appears that the markings on the blade have been filled in some and make them harder to see. They are virtually gone on the model no. 1 but you can still barely make out the Tru-Bal stamps with the stars and arrow heads. They are faint but they are there.

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