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Last of the Professional Knife Throwers?

Photo of Harry McEvoy in January 96 Blade Magazine

An ancient art form needs your help to survive.

Enjoy this article from the January 1996 issue of Blade magazine written by of the American Knife Throwers Alliance. He mentions Harry McEvoy’s influence on professional knife throwers.

Photo of Harry McEvoy in January 96 Blade Magazine
Photo of Harry McEvoy in January 96 Blade Magazine

Click the link above to open the article. It is a PDF document. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read it.

Here are two more articles written about famous knife throwers of old by Bobby Branton:

Used with the permission of Bobby Branton.

6 thoughts on “Last of the Professional Knife Throwers?

  1. I bought my first real throwing knife, a Tru-balance sport-pro, and Harry McEvoy’s how to knife throwing book more that 20 years ago. Although I never met the man in person he was always nice enough to enclose a little personal note in his orders. My father and i used to throw kitchen knives and an old WWII bayonet he brought back from the war. Once I threw a McEvoy knife I was hooked forever.


  2. i would love to order a set of your knives…but everytime i look up your knives im unable to find a price anywheres!!! try to fix that problem and im sure you will have a die hard fan!!!peace…

  3. Hey Tony!

    I’m currently not selling individual knives.


  4. I am a knife admirer and I have owned many kind over time. I bought a hibben throwing axe many years ago which I still own. I was viewing top gun on TV and they were throwing axes. I took Hibben out into my back yard and I consistently stuck it in a tree off my deck. My interest was peaked. So, I have been devouring info. from the web. Your model #94 is one that I am interested in. I would like to acquire it. Please tell me how I can do that and at what price.



  5. Sounds like a very interesting man. Thanks for the information

  6. I am enjoying your blog dear sir. I am thinking of being a collector, but since I am still on my way to having a job, researching is the closest thing I can do. I am enjoying your blog and hoping to see more over time.

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