Current Tru-Bal Throwing Knife Models:

Model No. 2 BOWIE-AXE

The Tru-Bal™ Bowie-Axe has been sold world wide since 1959. It has achieved world fame as an all purpose throwing, game hunting, camping, chopping, combat and survival knife.

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This fine combat weapon is a combination fighting, hunting, survival and throwing knife.

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Model No. 6 RIFLEMAN

The Tru-Bal RIFLEMAN has been very popular with the nation's muzzle-loading enthusiasts. Specially made for throwing by either blade or handle.

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Model No. 70 Classic PRO-THROW

The new and revised McEvoy classic professional throwing knife improves upon the original -- the most copied throwing knife in the world.

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Designed by Harry McEvoy in honor of America's Bicentennial. This is a true professional throwing knife -- a real collector's item you will be proud to own and throw!

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Model No. 79 SPORT-PRO

Designed for throwing in the professional style. It combines all the best features of throwing knives used by the world's greatest professional knife throwers.

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Model No. 91 STINGER

The new McEvoy Throwing Bowie, called the "Stinger," is the finest knife of its type ever offered to America's sportsmen and 40 years of experience went into designing of this superb weapon. It will stand up to a lifetime of rugged, all-purpose use as a hunting, camping, survival and throwing knife.

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Designed for the frontiersman thrower who seeks a larger and heavier all-purpose throwing, hunting, camping, survival and combat knife. The new "Mountain Bowie" is an excellent heavyweight handle thrower. It will stand up to a lifetime of rugged, all-purpose use.

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The size and shape of the blade is very similar to the Model No. 2 BOWIE-AXE but it has the comfortable anatomic handle, which makes it easy to hold and throw.

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What kind of steel is used in a Tru-Bal throwing knife?

The Tru-Balance Knife Company uses C1050 cold-rolled, annealed spring steel for all of their Tru-Bal throwing knives. This is then specially tempered to their very own formula of Rockwell hardness for optimum performance (not too hard, not too soft, but JUST RIGHT).

The Model # 79 Sport Pro is made of the same steel. The only difference is that the Sport Pro is 5/32″ in thickness and all other Tru-Bal models are 3/16″ in thickness. This is to assure proper weight to length distribution.